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workplace wellbeing

Unite The Union members and stewards, East Dunbartonshire Council on completion of their ReikiResponderTM Training Program




Workplace Stress

In a poll of 500 decision makers, undertaken by Zurich Insurance, 42% said employee stress had a noticeable impact on the business. One in three said stress-related issues, such as low morale and increased employee absences, were continuing to have a negative effect on the overall performance of their business. 20% of SMEs (Small to Medium-sized Employers) said the number of their stress related employee absences had risen over the past two years and 25% per cent said staff morale had deteriorated because of more stress at work.

Richard Coleman, director of SME at Zurich Insurance said ‘These figures are strong evidence that tackling workforce challenges and risks is an essential part of achieving better performance and greater growth for businesses. It is perhaps not surprising that the fragile business climate has had such an impact on workforce stress and morale but if these issues aren’t solved, they could have serious long-term consequences.’ 


How Employers Can Tackle Stress


According to many professional research institutes, one of the answers is Reiki.

Published studies have looked at the beneficial effects of Reiki on stress hormones, anxiety, depression, blood pressure, heart rate, immune responsivity and pain. Overlapping data from studies support the ability of Reiki to reduce anxiety and pain, and suggest that it is incredibly useful in inducing relaxation, improving fatigue and depressive symptoms, and strengthening overall wellbeing. Reiki is increasingly being offered as part of workplace programs in many sectors to address burnout and improve both skills and staff retention.


Many of the physical effects of Reiki are measurable, such as improved heart rate and blood pressure, and there are also huge positive benefits to mental and emotional wellbeing. Commonly reported benefits as a result of regular Reiki sessions include a sense of spiritual connection and enhanced self-esteem.


ReikiResponderTM Training Courses and Support Sessions For Employees

ReikiResponderTM courses are specifically designed and developed for employees and provide staff with the opportunity to learn the Reiki principles and techniques for themselves.

Support sessions are also provided and these are to allow employees to discuss and share their practice experiences, encourage the development of their learning, how this is applied in the workplace and address any questions they may have.

Reiki To Revitalise - One To One Workplace Sessions

(minimum attendance of 4 employees, maximum 8)

Reiki To Revitalise Sessions are one to one Reiki treatment sessions for employees, conducted within the workplace. They are 30 minute treatment sessions offering employees the opportunity to relax, reconnect, revitalise and return to work centred, calm and with a renewed perspective.



Guided meditation sessions can be incredibly useful in improving focus, releasing stress and re-energising. Sessions are currently limited to Zoom sessions. 

Consultations and Enquiries

In person, telephone and online consultations are available to discuss Workplace Wellbeing Programs in more depth - time slots for webchat consultations can be booked online below. To arrange a telephone or in person consultation, please use the contact form for enquiries.

Consultation at your organisation | 60 min: £120* (not currently available)

Telephone Consultation | up to 30 minute: £60

Zoom/Skype/Webchat Consultation | up to 30 minutes: £60

*Price varies depending on the location of your organisation

Workplace Wellbeing Programs Consultation Enquiry

Thank you for your enquiry. I will be in touch shortly.

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