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Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

stone casting

Stone Casting uses a variety of crystals, chosen intuitively by myself, that are then cast on to a dedicated Wheel Chart, commonly a Life Wheel or Health Wheel, depending on the specific request of the client.


These Wheels outline different sections relating to specific areas – the Life Wheel includes The Self, Communication, The Home, Career, Travel and Pleasure; The Health Wheel includes the seven energy vortices (or chakras), from the Root to the Crown, and the realms of consciousness of Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human, Planetary and Angelic.


Like many crystal practices, Stone Casting is both complex and simple, which may sound a little confusing. If we consider the structure of crystals, their mineral contents, their shape, form and growth patterns, it is easy to become a little disorientated at the wealth of information. But crystals, like all other realms of consciousness, have their own spirit energy and life force. By intuitively communicating with each individual crystal, it provides a greater understanding of its own unique purpose and how it relates to your casting.


Booking A Stone Casting

There are different options for Stone Casting, including the Life Wheel or the Health Wheel - the options will be available to book online soon, allowing you to select the one which you feel is appropriate for you. Alternatively, you can choose a full casting reading. Enquiries can be made by contacting me directly and payment is requested in advance to secure your session. Sessions are conducted remotely, mainly in the evenings, with the outcome communicated to you directly via email within 48 hours of the session.


Important: Please visit the full Terms and Conditions page for information before booking. Intuitive Services and Products including Dowsing for Wellness, Stone Casting, Tarot and Cartomancy are not offered to be followed as a particular course of action, or an attempt to exert any form of influence over your free will and common sense; they are presented for leisure, amusement or entertainment purposes only not as medical advice. They are intuitive services and are not medical tests. Flourish services do not claim to diagnose any medical condition and Flourish do not give professional medical advice. Any decisions or actions taken by you as a result of Flourish Intuitive Services, and all of Flourish services, is your sole responsibility. It is only with the complete understanding and acceptance of this that these services can be provided.

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