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Baby's Feet

reflexology for children

Babies and children can benefit from Reflexology just as much as adults can. Infant Reflexology can help encourage better sleep, reduced discomfort during teething and improved digestion. 

For children and young teenagers, Reflexology can prove incredibly supportive during times of transition - family changes, home and school moves, exam times and puberty. During Coronavirus, many children experienced isolation of social connection and with their being present more often during conversations between adults expressing our own fears, they have suffered anxiety and fear about the mortality of themselves, their friends and their families. 
As adults we often forget that children have their own fears and worries and they can manifest themselves in many different ways. One of my clients, a 9 year old boy, began to develop an eating disorder after his family suffered a devastating death in the family. As the family began to recover in their grief, his eating disorder remained. He was deeply worried about losing his Mum and eating was the one thing he had control of. It was an extremely upsetting situation for him and his family, and also very complex, yet simple supportive holistic methods can make a huge difference. Reflexology sessions offer children a time and space to just 'be'.

Enquiries and Booking
Our first contact will be with a phone consultation, available to book online below. This provides the space and time to have a brief chat and arrange an initial assessment appointment.
Some children may need very few sessions, depending on their situation, and if this is the case this would be discussed at the first visit. 

Next Steps - Initial Assessment
This first session allows us the opportunity to explore working together. This initial assessment session is exactly as described, an opportunity to explore whether all parties feel we would like to move forward in the healing process, discussing approaches and a treatment plan for your child's own unique situation before considering embarking on a course of therapy. All parties are free to say either yes or no to working together, without expectation or judgement. Just as with my adult clients, child's autonomy and their engagement in the process is vital. If you feel the sessions may be beneficial but your child is hesitant or does not want to, we would not progress. 

*Adverse Childhood Experiences
ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) range from emotional stress to physical abuse and can adversely affect children for their future, having considerable impacts on health and well being in adulthood. If you are a caregiver or guardian offering a safe nurturing space to a child who has suffered and if you are considering holistic approaches to support, please book a consultation below to discuss if you would like to contact me.
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