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Product Policy

Cruelty Free

Compassion for all

From candles and smudge sticks to oils, balms and elixirs, all Flourish products are free from animal testing and by-products both in their crafting and from third party suppliers

The foundation, ethos and intention behind Flourish has always been, and will always be, to encourage more empathy, compassion and love toward all living beings.

Therapeutic Products

All skincare products and raw materials including oils, essential oils, plant extracts, creams and butters used in my treatments are cruelty free. They have not been tested on animals by the manufacturers, nor tested by a third party on their behalf, and contain no animal derivatives. This is incredibly important to me in both my professional and personal life and I hold a hard line on this, so the majority of the products I use in my treatments are made by me. This way I know exactly what is in them, and you do too. 

I use many of the plants I've grown in my own allotment and gardens in my elixirs, balms, waters and smudges. All of my plants are grown organically.

Flourish Reflexology Balm

Ceremonial Candles

I use soy wax in my handcrafted ceremonial candles and only natural essential oils for fragrance, sourcing organic where I can. There are no artificial fragrances or synthetic perfumes in any of my candles - the heady scents they exude are pure natural plant perfumes.

Shamanic Supplies

The feathers I use in my shamanic work, and those which are occasionally available in my online shop, have been released by the birds during their natural shedding. I take great care in ensuring this is the case. One of my clients is a Zoologist who is also a keen bird watcher and, when she is out in the hills, she will pick up the naturally shed feathers for me! Often they are goose. Another contact lives close to a swan family and she will also lift naturally shed feathers for me. Natural shedding doesn't happen very often and sometimes the feathers are not suitable for ceremonial work and so this is why it can be rare to find feathers for sale in my shop. I do not use or sell feathers that are labelled as 'ethically sourced' as this means they are often a by-product of monitored hunting.


My own previous vocational experiences in laboratory research, my therapeutic work with animals and my role as an animal caregiver to my own companion animals have all shaped my stance on Flourish's product policy. This is detailed a little more in some of my blog posts:

Flourish's Ayurvedic Reflexology Balm

Handcrafted balm with 100% natural ingredients and over 30 plant extracts.

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