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gardening therapy &

holistic horticulture

My gardening services are a little different..They are focused on helping you make the most of your own green space - whether this is a large or small garden, planters, pots and raised beds or your indoor plants - but they are also intended to reconnect you with the green world and using this connection for healing and therapy. Working with plants can offer us so much and help us to care for ourselves and understand our connection and place in the world.

As a qualified Horticulturist and Garden Designer, working professionally with plants for over 20 years, I also provide therapeutic gardening services for those who are restricted in their ability to tend their own garden but would still love to be involved in enjoying aspects of it. You can find out more about gardening as therapy at Therapeutic Horticulture.


Gardening is part of my own therapy too - I grow vegetables, fruits and medicinal herbs in my own garden, WytchWood, here in the wet and windy West Coast of Scotland in heavy clay soil. Even in the most challenging sites and soil, growing is always possible!

My services are therapeutically focused and are especially suitable for:

- Elders: often elder family members love gardening but there are jobs that they find difficulty with now - weeding, planting, pruning - making gardening a painful experience. With my services they have the opportunity to share enjoyable aspects of the garden like seed sowing or flower arranging, and also have a willing ear for a chat.

- Vulnerable groups: I work with many who choose to employ female led businesses, for many varied reasons, and are reassured with a business who has experience of teaching horticulture to women's groups. 

- Community projects: organisations looking for support in developing and creating sustainable gardening projects

- Growing at home: creating areas to grow food at home with help, advice, maintenance on growing organic vegetables, fruits and herbs in your own green space.

- Indoor gardening: Creating, planting and tending planters, pots and houseplants for local businesses and people away from home for long periods.


Certificated Disclosure Scotland

Service Fees

Fees are dependent on the nature of the work and the services requested. For general enquiries on availability please complete the form below.


If you would like to discuss therapeutic horticulture services for either yourself, a family member or a community project or would like to have a consultation about how to create a growing space in your garden, please book a telephone consultation.

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