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Whether you are looking to explore alternative approaches to healing, a dedicated self care plan, to address a specific condition, for personal development or to reconnect with your spirituality, I ensure you receive the best possible therapeutic support.


Many of my clients have personally experienced the transformative results that holistic approaches to health and wellness often bring (you can read more about some of my clients' own personal experiences here). But the reasons clients attend appointments are as unique and individual as they are. 

Many clients attend regular appointments as preventative medicine and find the sessions are a valuable support for dedicated self care and to help maintain their health and well-being. For others, attending sessions successfully manages both short term and long term (chronic) conditions, reducing their pain, improving their quality of life and helping them approach the challenges that often accompany chronic conditions with a positive outlook and a greater strength of resilience. Clients who attend regular healing sessions, whether it is shamanic or energetic healing, often feel a greater sense of appreciation and compassion for themselves. Students and participants attending my courses and workshops find they are a unique and sacred place for retreat, to learn new skills and to feel grounded in group support in an encouraging environment for their spiritual development. Flourish Workplace Wellbeing Programs provide training, treatment and support for a holistic approach to personal and professional development in the workplace.

Specialist Services and Skilled Support

My approach is compassionate and inclusive, approaching your wellness with a deep understanding that you are a complex and sensitive individual, affected by both internal and external factors. I use various approaches and techniques in my practice based on my training, skills and experiential knowledge to ensure you receive the best possible treatment, tailored specifically for you. 

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