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One of the most common queries I receive are from women seeking more information on holistic (or complementary) therapies for fertility.


Here you'll find some information on how the following therapies can help support conception.

  • Fertility Massage

  • Reflexology

  • Reiki

Reflexology and Fertility


Reflexology can help encourage our natural healing processes by pinpointing specific reproductive areas that are reflected in our feet, such as the womb, ovaries and Fallopian tubes. Reflexology can also help our bodies regulate the endocrine (hormonal) system which is responsible for our hormone levels and includes our hypothalamus, pituitary gland, thyroid glands, parathyroid gland, thymus gland, adrenal glands and ovaries (and testes). It can also help our bodies naturally balance blood sugar and energy levels. Reflexology can help increase the blood flow circulation to both the hormonal system and the reproductive organs.


The stress management and relaxation aspects of Reflexology are incredibly important in successful fertility. Many times women who have difficulty conceiving become worried, tense and anxious and this can affect fertility too - the nervous system is interconnected with the hormonal system. For those who are looking at creating a truly holistic treatment plan for their fertility, Reflexology can also be effectively combined with essential oils and Reiki sessions. Many essential oils help our bodies towards a state of balance and natural healing, although this combination should only be provided by a Reflexologist who is also a fully qualified and registered Aromatherapist.


Reiki and Fertility


Reiki is a natural, non invasive healing system which affects positive change to our energy fields. We are all electromagnetic. Our lifestyle choices, thoughts, feelings and past experiences can all affect our energy and can often create blockages preventing a smooth, balanced flow of energy. Each person's energy field is different, and while Reiki cannot pinpoint patterns in your energy field that are specifically related to fertility issues, it can highlight that your energy is depleted or diminished and the areas that require work.


Reiki can nurture us, physically, mentally and emotionally. Physically, it can be used throughout our menstrual cycle to help support our body's natural balance including the production of healthy eggs, fertilisation and in assisting the embryo to implant in our womb. Mentally and emotionally, Reiki can help us approach the process of fertility positively, with a calm mind and an open heart. Reiki sessions should begin as soon as possible if you are considering conception. This allows time for your energy field to be cleared, repaired and strengthened, ready for a new beginning.


Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy and Fertility


Massage is one of the most common treatments for muscular tension but few are aware of how beneficial massage can be for fertility.


Massage can help:


  • Maintain hormonal balance

  • Aid detoxification

  • Ease emotional tension

  • Reduce menstrual pain and cramps

  • Regulate menstrual cycle and can solve problems such as longer or shorter menstrual cycles

  • Reduce oedema/ water retention

  • Boost egg health by increasing oxygenated blood flow to the reproductive organs.


Clinical Aromatherapy Massage allows you to both breathe in the essential oils and absorb them through the skin, and combining a Fertility Abdominal Massage with specific carrier oils and balancing essential oils can dramatically increase a treatment's effectiveness.

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