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Emma's Story

'I was having issues with lack of sleep and an overactive mind due to anxiety. I was feeling as if I was so focused on the next thing, task or day that I was missing out on the here and now. I also had to make sure I knew exactly what was coming next and would play a million different scenarios in my head in order to prepare myself for the unknown. This was starting to affect me emotionally and was physically affecting my body in many ways.

I have fortnightly sessions which have been focused on specific areas needing attention each week. It is very relaxed, although can be intense, but I always leave feeling positive in one way or another about the progress I am making. Andrea is always at the end of the phone or email if I have any worries or queries and aims to help in any way she can to ease the process. I feel so supported and always look forward to my sessions.

The sessions have slowly been unravelling the deep rooted causes of my anxiety and finding a way to manage these. Emotionally I have been through quite a journey and I am now at a point where I am more self-aware and genuinely feel and act differently in, and to, certain situations. I am sleeping so much better and deeply and find myself playing over things in my mind less. I am making more time for myself and I am learning that I don’t need to satisfy everyone else’s needs before my own. It’s having such a positive impact and I’m so glad that I have found Andrea and a therapy that truly works for me.'

Begin Your Own Healing Journey

Initial assessment and treatment dedicated to addressing the root cause of your anxiety. Gentle yet effective holistic approaches to reduce common symptoms including ment...
Anxiety | First Visit
1 hr 30 min
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