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online support plans

Distance healing and support sessions are conducted remotely and are useful if you are unable to attend in-person appointments. Remote sessions are the choice for clients who are limited either by geography or physical, mental or emotional mobility restrictions or other limitations that prevent them from attending appointments in person.
What are the benefits of distance support plans?
Many clients discovered the benefits of regular distance sessions and found them essential for supporting mental and emotional health and wellbeing during the COVID pandemic. Many continue to make use of these sessions alongside their in-person sessions, finding online counsel an effective way of talking through their concerns, worries, experiences and fears between in-person appointments. 
Distance support plans are dedicated to you in the same way as in-person support plans. Whether you are looking to embark on a program of self care, support your existing self care with holistic approaches, seek mentoring and coaching or are venturing on a path to rediscover your spirituality, distance healing support plans are tailored specifically for you.
For more information, please visit Distance Healing

Please visit terms and conditions before booking an appointment. By booking an appointment you are agreeing to the terms.

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