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crossing the bridge

Sharing our lives, homes and hearts with animals is one of the greatest joys, and this makes saying goodbye to a beloved animal family member the hardest, more sorrowful part of sharing ourselves with our them. Often our animals know us better than we know ourselves - they can see within us, and truly know our hearts. 

As a Psychopomp - a shamanic practitioner who creates sacred spaces and ceremonies to guide souls from this world to the next - I experience the loving realms that await them, returning to the essence of themselves, pure light and love.

I am fortunate enough to have been psychopomp for members of my own family - both animal and human alike - when their time came to cross over, and I am deeply honoured when I am called upon to do the same for the loved ones of others. In the years that I have been a psychopomp, it has become clear to me that animals often have an acute awareness that they are able to cross, that the 'rainbow bridge' is reaching out to them, and they await it with peace and dignity - it is us that often cannot accept that it is time to say goodbye in this world. 
It is not unusual for animals to patiently and selflessly hold on to their lives in this world until their caregivers and human companions understand the realisation, that we must accept their passing and bid them farewell to continue to walk their path. This is the last act of love that we can give them, to accept that they are living beings with their own autonomy, lives, destinies and that new journeys await them in other realms. Many times the animals I have guided to the next world have offered messages to their caregivers, deeply profound teachings, a parting gift of wisdom to their humans. Animals really are the most altruistic, loving, innocent and wise creatures, and we are fortunate indeed when they choose to share their lives with us, no matter how short or long their life may be. 

Shamanic Soul Retrieval
In both my personal and professional experience, animals also feel soul loss, just as we do. My companion animals are all from rescue centres and charities that support, and many were adults from stray backgrounds. The pain these souls have suffered is heartbreaking. I have conducted shamanic soul retrievals for my own animals, both when they were living in this world and after their death, residing in the next world.
Animals who have experienced neglect, abuse and difficult early life experiences are deeply affected by the trauma they have endured. Shamanic ceremonies for retrieving soul loss returns the essence of themselves back where it belongs - with them - before the next step of their journey. Soul retrievals can be conducted both in-person and remotely. For more information, please visit Soul Retrieval.

I am able to attend in person to conduct the ceremony at your home or at a veterinary surgery (on the priviso that this is accepted by the surgery) within Glasgow and South Lanarkshire areas.* If this is not possible, supporting and guiding your animal companion in their passing to the next realm can also be facilitated remotely. This is how I provided my spiritual support and guidance to Elfen**, an incredible soul living in Leeds whose spiritual guides and helpers were ready and waiting to welcome her. 
Ceremonial wakes are also a profound and moving way to say a final goodbye. Many clients find these deeply helpful in saying goodbye in their own way, as these also also personal to your animals, and can help immensely in the grieving process.

Ceremonial Wakes
I conduct ceremonial wakes for animals who have recently passed, where their lives are honoured in a spiritual ceremony and their physical body blessed before their burial or cremation. These are usually conducted at the home or space where your animal resided, and are facilitated directly after their passing.

Advocate and Arrangements
I am able to be an advocate for you, to mediate between you and your vet for arrangements. Many people are not aware that there are many choices available to them - often we are in such a place of grief, upset and sadness that we are unable to vocalise or advocate for our animal in our making of the arrangements we would like. I have personally found that it can be very difficult for vets to fully understand when we would like to arrange ceremonies for our beloved animals as the services they provide does not make provision for this.
Many people are not aware that cremations organised by their vet are conducted as group cremations, that there is more than one animal in the cremation process. I am able to mediate and advocate for your wishes, and to help arrange a cremation funeral that is dedicate to and specifically for your animal, and where it is solely the ashes of your beloved companion animal that are returned to you.

For all enquiries, a phone consultation is available to book online below. These provide a dedicated private and confidential time and space to discuss. 

Fees varying depending on the services requested and the area. 

Note: Spiritual, shamanic and energetic approaches are not a diagnostic therapy, cannot claim to treat or cure any condition and is no replacement for veterinary care. If your animal is ill or in pain, please consult a Veterinary Surgeon in the first instance. Please do not disregard any veterinary medical advice.

*Other areas may be available but are subject to fees for travelling outwith a radius.
**Elfen is a pseudonym to protect all identities
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