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Sacred Space

Creating Magik

Workshops to show you how to create an energetically powerful and sacred space for works of magik, divinity, holiness and spiritual development.

In this 2 hour workshop you will discover the secrets of creating an energetically charged space and how to use an altar as a focal point for creating a peaceful, positive sacred space for a multitude of uses including meditation, chanting, yoga, energy work, home working, creativity, personal and spiritual development, gratitude or prayer.

You will learn how to cleanse and prepare both a space and yourself for your intention and the focus of your work, and how to increase your energy body, feeling uplifted, positive, empowered and ready to re-create your own space at home at any time you wish.
£25 per person.
Things To Bring
  • A yoga mat or other mat to sit and lie on comfortably
  • A cushion and blanket or warm throw
  • A piece of cloth, no larger than a pillow case
  • A bottle of water
  • A small bowl
  • A candle
  • A heatproof dish or saucer
  • A small handful of rice
  • An object sacred to you (it can be a piece of jewellery, crystal, small amount of herbs, photograph or any other item you feel strongly connected to)
Workshop Dates
Please see below for upcoming events, courses and workshops. If there is nothing detailed below, please contact me with your interest in attending the next workshop.
How To Book
Tickets for the event are available to purchase below to secure your place on the workshop. Please note, spaces are limited. 
If you regularly attend Flourish workshops, it is useful to become a Site Member, where you can create an account and your details are automatically stored for the next time you book a workshop or appointment. You can create an account by clicking the Log In at the top right hand side of any page.
Booking is also available through the Flourish app.

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