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Bubble Of One: Landscape of Trauma

January 2021

Pencil, ink and pastel

In Bubble Of One I tried to highlight the struggles and isolation many of us have been experiencing 2020 - 2021. As a holistic, intuitive and shamanic therapist specialising in trauma recovery, many clients find it incredibly difficult to describe and verbalise what they are feeling.

The head in the drawing is based on Victorian phrenology but instead of the section functions of the brain, there are a range of the emotions we dip in and out of when experiencing trauma's close, and often constant, companion PTSD. Grief, anger, self loathing, worry, fear, depression; emotions from previous wounds. When we are in the whirlwind of unhealed trauma, we are still in survival mode.

The head is deliberately female - most phrenology heads are male, and most consumer and medical research is conducted with males as the default. This is discussed in detail in Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by 

Caroline Criado Perez.

Women have unique but shared experiences as victims of societal, familial and partnership abuse and traumas, and often have multiple unhealed traumas throughout our lives.

While she exhibits a jawline more traditionally known in males, square and large, her face is intended to be strong yet gentle, bright yet blank, concealing the struggle underneath.


The circle in the drawing is intended to be both a bubble of isolation but also to give the illusion of a looking glass, magnifying the isolation and offering a clinical, under-the-microscope perspective, which is often how both society and conventional medicine treat people experiencing trauma, as a range of symptoms and mental conditions and not as individuals where every part reflects the whole.

There is also a hidden message within the artwork.

Additional Information: Trauma: The Bubble Of One - blog post

Price: NFS

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