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auric & chakra medicine

We all have energy layers (auras) and vortices (chakras) which communicate with our inner knowing and interact with the world around us on subtle levels that we often can't perceive. Sometimes we may physically feel an energy in a room or from those around us, perceiving the energetic communications that are connecting with our physical senses.
We have many chakras but the 7 main chakras are found at the base of our spine (root), at our pelvic area (sacral), abdomen (solar plexus), chest (heart), neck and throat (throat), forehead (brow) and the top of our head (crown).
When our energy fields and chakras are balanced, aligned and light filled we feel happy, content, physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and strong, and we are compassionate towards ourselves and others. But at times where our energy feels a little 'off' - something that we just can't put our finger on - our aura may be energetically compromised and our chakras may be over- or under-active.
Herbal smudging not only has beneficial cleansing effects for the air around us but also for the energy that surrounds us too. Plants have wonderful physical cleansing effects, with many having antibacterial and antiviral properties, but they also have energetic and spiritual properties too, offering us the opportunity to clear a new, and healthier, energetic path. 
I use various dried leaves, branches and flowers in my smudging ceremonies and many of the smudges I use are my own - grown organically, dried and hand-tied by me using natural materials. 
Energy Balancing
There are many ways to initiate and restore energy balance. One of the many ways I facilitate this is to use the tools I have been gifted - my own hands guided by my claircognizance. I also use dedicated dowsing and divination tools, such as pendulums and crystals. Certain sound frequencies are also excellent energy healers, when used correctly, and the varied range of vibration can be used to clear and balance auric and chakra energy. I use the power of voice, specifically chosen singing bowls and Tibetan Tingsha.
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Plant Wisdom
Remote Sessions
Chakra Medicine sessions are also available as remote sessions for clients who are unable to attend due to geographic or physical, mental or emotional limitations or restrictions. For more details on distance healing, please visit About Distance Healing
Distance Healing
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