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March 2021

Acrylics on canvas

Borage (Borago officinalis), often called Starflower for the shape of its flower, is quite an incredible plant. It self seeds very prolifically and can be found popping up in unusual places. For some, it is problematic because it is so adept at survival. For others, like myself, they are in love with this very quality and just how pretty the whole plant itself is.

I feel it is a plant that aligns very strongly with female strength. It is often used in herbal medicine for women's health and reproductive wellness

It is perhaps no accident that the suffragette colours of green, white and purple reflect the colours of Starflower. The flower buds and stems are covered in fine white hairs, the large leaves are a lush, healthy green and the flower itself, a wonderful purple violet hue. 


In Scotland, there is currently heavy debate around the redefining of the word 'woman' and legal protections based on sex. With the introduction of various bills and laws, women's rights are undergoing erosion and it is of deep concern to many women and men alike, myself included. The statistics around sex based discrimination is staggering, and I outline some of these statistics in my recent newsletter, dedicated to women throughout the world, issued on International Womens' Day


I posted this artwork on Twitter under the hashtag #WomenWontWheesht, a movement of Scottish women who are speaking out using peaceful protest about these proposed legal changes. They have also adopted the colours of the suffragette movement and many posts under this hashtag are really inspiring, beautiful pieces of craft, artworks reflecting their activism. 

In my illustration Bubble Of One, I share how women have unique but shared experiences as victims of societal, familial and partnership abuse and traumas, and often have multiple unhealed traumas throughout our lives. This inspired by blog post Trauma: The Bubble Of One

Additional Information: This was my first attempt at painting - much respect to artists and painters! - and a first at trying my hand with acrylics. I gave myself no more than 2 hours - double the time of the artists on the recent TV show Drawers Off. I personally found this was of huge help in going with the flow.

Price: NFS

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