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Soul Retrieval

Soul Loss

Soul is the essence of ourselves, our life force. Soul loss often occurs as a result of trauma, an experience that threatens our safety or survival, or following intense emotional experiences. This includes various forms of abuse - physical, emotional and sexual - addictions, medical procedures and surgery, the end of a relationship, divorce, loss (including the death of a partner, friend, family member or companion animal; a job or a home), accidents, acting against our own morals or ethics or an involvement in conflict. Anything that causes shock or trauma can cause soul loss. It varies greatly in each individual; what may cause soul loss in one person may not in another. 

Shamanic teachings consider the effects of traumatic situations differently from psychological approaches, which describes similar loss as mental dissociation. In shamanic healing there is consideration of where these parts of us have gone and shamanic practitioners like myself take steps to retrieve it.

Soul Retrieval

Sometimes soul parts do not return of their own accord, as they do not know the situation which caused them to flee is no longer present and that it is safe to return - this is where a shamanic soul retrieval can return these parts to you. Soul retrieval is a powerful ceremony where I, as the practitioner and facilitator, journey to the spirit realm and, with the help of enlightened spirits and guides, I retrieve those parts of your soul that have fragmented and return them home to where they belong, with you. 

Traditional shamans performed soul retrieval healing work regularly but in modern culture, we often find that soul parts have been missing for many years and can go as far back as childhood - in my own experience with clients, I have found that many soul parts are returned from childhood.

After a soul retrieval often people more 'at home' and present in their bodies, and there is a level of self awareness that encourages us to develop approaches that nurture our true selves, our soul. Much addictive behaviour stems from an emotional or soulful disconnection and often a soul retrieval encourages a new way of self care and the beginning of healing. 

Soul Retrieval Ceremonies, and all shamanic healing practices, should only ever be undertaken by a trained, experienced Shamanic Practitioner.

I have never felt so happy and at peace in my life as I have since the Soul Retrieval! ...such a wonderful experience!

Gillian, Glasgow

A gentle experience I will always treasure and which will provide a lifelong source of precious self-knowledge and strength.

Rose, Glasgow

Soul Retrieval and PTSD

The level of my experience, skill and practice is Trauma Enhanced in the NHS Scotland Knowledge and Skills Framework, treating clients who have experienced varying degrees of trauma, providing healing and support.

Soul retrieval is a valid healing modality for PTSD and shamanic healing practices have been shown to positively affect veterans suffering from PTSD.  Please visit the PTSD page for more information on various holistic approaches for trauma.

Your Ceremonies
Sessions are around 1.5 - 2 hours including time for talking therapy, the healing ceremony itself and time afterwards to integrate the healing.
Remote Sessions
Soul Retrieval can also be conducted remotely if you are physically or geographically unable to attend in person. I have conducted many soul retrieval ceremonies remotely and its healing effects are just as powerful. Please visit the Remote Shamanic Healing page for more information.
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