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~ Soil & Spirit ~
Sacred Ceremonial Supplies

Shamanka is my dedicated brand for ceremonial supplies - smudges, incense, waters, elixirs and candles - to create sacred spaces. The products are borne from a combination of botanical extracts from the green world (as much as possible organic and from my own gardens), the stone kingdom, the force of the elements and the power of the Divine. They are a bridge between worlds. They are grown with Love, dedicated with Intention and blessed by Spirit. They are magik manifest and as such are sacred creations. You can find them to purchase online here and at selected independent art shops in Scotland.

| The Creations |

All Shamanka creations are made in a unique way, the way of the Shamanka who creates them, and reflects how I also treat my clients, students and customers - as unique individuals with their own energy, soul, spirit and personality. 

They are always small batch and one of a kind; the nature of how they are brought into existence means that no two are the same, even from the same batch. SuburbanShamanka exists to help you connect with the energy, vibration and spirit of both the Earth and the Heavens and for you to experience, truly know, that you are also a sacred and active part of these worlds - what you do matters.

There is no traditional batch process. Every single product is manifested as a creation of its own. That is, there is no large batch created and then poured into separate containers. Each creation is its own 'batch'. There is a base material which the product is founded on and its individuality comes from its metamorphosis built on this foundation. Each creation will have a batch number from the base material - and this is required to have traceability of this base material - but it will also have its own individual number to mark its own manifestation into this world, with a record of its own energy and spirit. A candle marked No.4 may be a little calmer than Nos 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. Perhaps No.6 is a little more introspective and No.2 is aligned with the Moon. We will only know when they are being created. 

To bring these creations to life can take days, weeks and sometimes months, just like their plant kingdom sisters, from seed to harvest. Sometimes they are created in the middle of the night. At other times dawn. 


| The Ingredients |

Some of the ingredients in SuburbanShamanka creations are grown by me, either from organic seed or plugs, planted in peat-free soil in a small suburban potager specifically designed, developed and created as a medicine garden based on the Dharma Wheel and The Path To End Suffering. They are tended daily, grown without pesticides or herbicides. They are fed with homemade compost and either home grown plant fertiliser concentrate or a suitable, non animal based organic alternative. The ingredients not grown by me are organically sourced or wild harvested where possible. Some ingredients are unavailable in organic form and I am guided as to whether it is best to forego the ingredient or whether what it brings to the creation is essential and would be all the poorer for its absence.


The ingredients that are grown by me are harvested when they are ready and this is dependent on many influencing factors - previous season's seed harvest and quality, weather, climate, temperature - and are very limited in their quantity each season. Each plant is different each year, even if it is the same variety. If you bought a WildCalm in Spring 2021, the WildCalms created later that year and in 2022 will be different. They may smell similar but they won't actually be the same spirit at all. 

| A Spell Spoken |

There is an old saying 'a spell spoken is a spell broken' which means that craft can only carry its power to support its intended when it is cloaked in respectful secrecy; its esoteric knowledge hidden from those with dishonourable intentions who would nefariously gain from its secrets. 

The ingredients and creative processes behind SuburbanShamanka are guarded, adhering to this wisdom. As shamanic, sacred and ceremonial creations, they have power and power needs to be cradled with respect, integrity and responsibility. When you offer your space to connect with these creations, you are calling upon their spirit.


In the spirit of being supported by the guidance of loving forces and without imposition on free will, I open the door to the SuburbanShamankashop. Should you choose to step inside, you are warmly welcomed. Just like Flourish, it is open to all but it's not for everyone. Should you choose not, I thank you for taking time to visit and learn more about us. Whatever direction you take, may you walk in beauty.

Nurse zen Etsy 2018 (2).png
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