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plant oracle

In my Plant Oracle Readings I use a dedicated deck of oracle cards and conduct readings specific to the client by intuitively tapping into plant spirit medicine. 


As a Claircognizant & Shamanic Healer and Therapeutic Horticulturist, I have experienced first hand the amazing restorative power of the plant kingdom, which has so much to offer us, not only from its health benefits when we ingest their vitamins, minerals and life force, but also from the wisdom they have gleaned over the ages. They are allies, providing sustenance and shelter for all life, valued members of our communities,


Booking A Reading

There are different spread options for Plant Oracle - I will be posting the available options online soon where you can select the spread you feel is appropriate for you. Currently sessions can be booked by contacting me directly  but options will be available to book online soon. Sessions are conducted remotely, with a live audio recording of your reading with a link to your reading emailed to you.


Please visit the Tarot / Cartomancy page for more information on readings. Readings are available to book and purchase online, with subscription packages for regular readings.


Important: Please visit the full Terms and Conditions page for information before booking. Intuitive Services and Products including Dowsing for Wellness, Stone Casting, Tarot and Cartomancy are not offered to be followed as a particular course of action, or an attempt to exert any form of influence over your free will and common sense; they are presented for leisure purposes only. Flourish services do not claim to diagnose any medical condition and Flourish do not give professional medical advice. Any decisions or actions taken by you as a result of Flourish Intuitive Services, and all of Flourish services, is your sole responsibility. It is only with the complete understanding and acceptance of this that these services can be provided.

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