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grief and loss

Bereavement is deeply affecting - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - and often we experience a rollercoaster of emotions, ranging from shock and confusion to guilt and anger, and not in any specific sequence.  Grief is the process of adjusting to a new reality and this takes time and an understanding of the profound experience we are going through.

We often think of grief and loss in connection with the death of those we love, both our human and animal family and friends, but we can also experience a grieving process when we are living with a chronic condition, when we often lose a sense of ourselves and our own identity, or when those close to us experience life limiting illness, where we often feel we are losing the person we once knew - this is common with Cancer, Alzheimers and Parkinsons. A sense of loss can also occur during separation or divorce or when our job, employment or our role within a family has been made redundant. 

I have both personally and professionally found various holistic approaches to be incredibly beneficial and the most effective during times of great emotional suffering for both myself and my clients. Many clients continue to attend regular sessions for therapeutic support and healing.

One of my clients, Niamh*, found that our sessions allowed her to be able to provide practical, emotional and spiritual support for her family and herself during the months following a closely bonded sibling's terminal diagnosis, and her sessions continue to support her in the caring and healing of herself in the months following her sibling's passing. Niamh has experienced multiple losses and has undergone more than one grieving process - the change in dynamic in their relationship as her role changed to one of carer, coming to terms with her sibling's terminal diagnosis and the physical loss of her sibling when they passed.

Support Plans
Dedicated one to one support plans are for those who seek holistic and spiritual support in the process of acceptance including self healing, spiritual healing, ancestral healing (if needed), self compassion, release and taking the tentative new steps into a new reality. Many different therapies are utilised and the sessions are responsive and tailored to what you need on that day. The sessions create a safe space where you are listened to with empathy and compassion and emotionally supported throughout.
Plans are available over the course of 4, 8 or 12 weeks, with ongoing sessions if or when required - please see Support Plans for more details. Appointments are attended at my East Kilbride practice or remotely via Zoom.

This introductory 4 week support plan consists of an initial first visit and consultation followed by 3 x 90 min weekly sessions, including holistic counsel, therapy and healing.  Please note that for support sessions for bereavement, grief and loss I request a commitment of a minimum of 4 sessions.
If you would like to discuss any aspect of the plans privately and confidentially before considering attending, a 15 minute telephone consultation is available to book.
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