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I just wanted to update you that my baby girl was born on Sunday!  

She is absolutely perfect and she weighed 6lb 14oz.

I am so thankful to you for performing what I see as a miracle!

Your sessions gave me a new focus on my fertility journey, helped me to relax, reduce stress and ultimately allowed my body to create an environment conducive to conceiving. 

You are such a lovely and approachable person and opening up to you before and after the sessions were a stress reliever in themselves. 

After 2 and a half years I thought I had tried it all but this really worked for me and my 5 day old baby is testament to that! Thanks again for everything!

From an email I received from Sonya*, one of my fertility clients. 


fertility support

Holistic Approaches To Fertility
Various holistic approaches, including  my ReproReflexology therapy,  Acupressure & Holistic Bodywork and Energy Therapy can help encourage a natural self-regulation of the body's systems, restore a loving and compassionate re-connection with our physical body and help maintain a balanced, centred perspective by managing stress and anxiety and in the healing of loss.
Holistic approaches can be beneficial in helping to  support the regulation of menstrual cycles and to help increase sperm and egg function - the areas of the body responsible for these functions are precisely located and focused on during an acupressure treatment (for more information, please visit Fertility and Therapies) 
Holistic support can also be used in conjunction with assisted conception/IVF and for chronic reproductive conditions - PCOS, adhesions or scar tissue, pelvic inflammatory disease, PMS, hormonal imbalances, blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, Endometriosis and menstrual problems can all show an improvement from holistic treatment. My clients living with reproductive conditions have found their support sessions to be effective in reducing pain, inflammation and in cycle regulation. 
Biology And Beyond
In my years of working with women trying to conceive, I am clear with my clients that it is important to understand that fertility and conception are much more than the physical. Emotional stress and mental anxiety from our expectations, hopes and dreams - and those of our families and society - can be influential factors in fertility. The disappointment, grief and loss of trying to conceive can also leave imprints on our etheric, auric and spiritual bodies that can also affect future conception and fertility. My various approaches include energetic, spiritual and shamanic medicine  as these can often provide deep healing.

Every woman is different and so my approaches and recommendations are different for each woman. But there is one thing each of my fertility clients have in common and that is their full commitment and trust in the process. For some, conception happened quickly very shortly after beginning our sessions; for others, it was a longer journey.

It can be difficult to have faith and trust in something that you want so deeply that you feel you cannot take any chances, that you feel you must have every eventuality covered and accounted for; every temperature, every period, every ovulation predictor and app. While these things are an important part of trying to conceive - and they are aspects which I chart in our consultations - they aren't everything. There is only so much that lends itself to predictability and there are never any guarantees.

If you are trying to conceive I understand this may challenge you quite deeply. It may even have come as a shock to you. But my pregnant clients will tell you that none of them conceived when they were charting their temperatures or their ovulation peaks. There is a point in the process of my fertility plans where my clients gradually surrender to something else - this becomes their priority. That something is themselves. And this is very often when everything changes.

I provide consultations for couples attending together and for women and men attending separately. These are either 60 or 90 minute sessions to discuss your journey so far and any planned or ongoing assisted conception. These appointments are preliminary consultations without treatment. These can be booked following an initial telephone consultation, which can be booked below.
Support Plans
My support plans consider every aspect of you as an individual, taking into account all of your own unique challenges and experiences that influence your journey. My plans require dedicated commitment at every session, from both you and myself.
There are 4 dedicated support plans which are tailored to the different stages of fertility and whether conception is assisted or not. Please visit Fertility Support Plans for more information. 
*Names are pseudonyms to protect client confidentiality
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