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Crystal Reflexology

Reflexology combines well with other therapies, specifically Energy Medicine including Reiki and Crystal Therapy. In my practice, I often recommend combination therapies for specific conditions as I've found that combining Clinical Reflexology and Acupressure techniques with another energy-based therapy can often both intensify the benefits of Reflexology and encourage a deeper connection with the subtle energy bodies.
During a Crystal Reflexology session, I use crystal tools - including various types of Quartz and Fluorite - to apply pressure to specific acupressure points and zones on the feet. The crystals are used instead of the Reflexologist's thumbs, fingers and knuckles. The sensations can be incredibly soothing.
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Crystal Medicine
Reflexology zone and acupressure therapy using crystal tools including various Quartz and Fluorite | Foot and ankle massage
Reflexology (Crystal) | 1hr
1 hr
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