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*New items coming soon*

WytchWood Apothecary products are created from the harvest of the specifically designed and created organic herbal medicine, fruit and vegetable gardens, WytchWood Potager and The Goddess Garden, based at my South Lanarkshire practice.

Here you can pre-order medicines and products recommended during your treatments and they will usually be available for you to pick up at your next appointment. As they are handcrafted products which are individually tailored and made specifically for you, they may take a little longer. If any items are out of stock, they are usually available within 10 -14 days but you will be notified as soon as possible on receipt of your order if there is a delay.

Payment can be made securely online and, for most items, payment can also be made in person at your next appointment - please check the individual item for details. If you would prefer to receive the item before your next appointment, postage can be arranged - please get in touch for details and costs. 
Seasonal Availability 
Many WytchWood Apothecary products are seasonal and so some of the items may not be available at certain times of the year. I will always let you know with as much notice as possible if this is the case, and ask if you would like to add your name to the waiting list for the next available batch.

Please note: Some of the products in the WytchWood Apothecary are available only for existing clients to purchase - these will be labelled as 'Existing Clients'. This is not intended to be exclusionary - medicines and products are crafted after a full consultation with the client and this is the foundation on which I build and create their medicines or products. If you are currently not a client and would like to purchase an item marked for existing clients or you would like to enquire about a bespoke remedy, please feel free to get in touch to arrange a consultation. 

Important: I use the term medicines throughout my practice. It is not reflective of the conventional description but it is the holistic definition of a tonic to the soul - medicine can be anything from walking in the rain or attending a wellness workshop to shamanic healing for trauma or a metaphysical elixir made with the energy of stones. It is an important distinction. With this in mind, the products available are not a replacement for medical advice and should not be considered medications, or to treat or prevent any condition. Shamanic medicines are not medication. It is important for you to consult your GP or medical professional as to their suitability for you before purchase. Please see the terms page for full details.

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