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Animals have energy layers (auras) and vortices (chakras) just as we do and they can benefit greatly from energy medicine such as Reiki and Crystal Therapy, helping to support health and well-being naturally. Animals are often much more receptive to the subtleties of energy medicine, both in person and remotely.
Animal Reiki is incredibly useful for animals prior to undergoing a medical procedure, in post surgery recovery, for animals with a trauma history or feeling unsettled following a house move and during times of noisy celebrations like Bonfire Night and Hogmanay. I have conducted Animal Reiki sessions for a range of animals - from dogs, birds and rabbits to cats, Highland cows and guinea pigs - and many have been conducted remotely.
Appointments are available at my animal therapy practice at Herbal Vet Scotland in the southside of Glasgow. and these are available to book online below. Remote sessions and home visits are also available* - for some animals, they feel more secure and relaxed being treated at home.  Please complete the enquiry form for home visits. Remote Reiki for Animals sessions can be booked online.
Prior to the first session and as an initial assessment for both in attendance and remote sessions, there is a Consultation Form to complete, outlining details of the animal including daily habits, age, temperament and any other animals within the living quarters.
*Home visits are available only within the Glasgow area.
Note: Reiki is not a diagnostic therapy, cannot claim to treat any condition and is no replacement for veterinary care. If your animal is ill or in pain, please consult a Veterinary Surgeon in the first instance. Please do not disregard any veterinary medical advice.
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Initial Consultation - Home Visit Enquiry

1hr £75 | Assessment and session

Please complete the form below to enquire about an Initial Visit at your home.

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